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Color Shell Nail Sticker
  • Color Shell Nail Sticker



    • The size of sticker part and deco part is 1: 1 so it looks like real nail art decoration.
    • Epoxy Stone is transparent and shiny with quality as good as real parts.
    • A water-based glue that is harmless on the nails was used.



    Caution for Gel

    1. Clean the grease of the nails.
    2. Cure under LED or UV light after applying base gel or color gel on nails.
    3. Apply and cure top gel on base gel or color gel, wipe the uncured gel.
    4. Peel off the sticker the design you desired with tweezers.
    5. Place the sticker on nails and press it carefully.
    6. Apply top gel and cure to finish.


    Caution for Polish

    1. Remove the oily water from the nail surface with ethanol cotton.
    2. Apply base coat or nail polish and let it dry.
    3. Gently flex it to obtain a sticker in the desired design film with a tweezer.
    4. Edge area or cuticles line would be slightly inward.
    5. Place the sticker on your fingernail and press it carefully.
    6. Put on top coat to increase lasting time.
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